If you see me…

On September 20, 2011 by A Grannie

If you see me...I won’t lie. Marketing a book when the author doesn’t tweet or use Facebook or any of that other stuff is definitely a challenge. What we need is for the good denizens of the internet to help a sister out. Like Reda, in the story “Mister”, who helps a young girl write a sign on her chest so that out there, in the wasteland, if someone sees her they won’t be afraid to “say hi”.

The internet is like a wasteland, isn’t it. It’s far too easy to get lost out here.

Please feel free to quote anything on this website to help the cause, with credits of course, or to use any of the images you find here now and in the future. If you’d like a review copy, just say the word. If you’d like to interview Patricia, well, you just have to come up with the right questions.