Weird Fiction reviews Shiny Thing

On June 29, 2012 by A Grannie

Weird Fiction ReviewMaureen Kincaid Speller of Weird Fiction Review has good things to say in her review of Shiny Thing. We love Weird Fiction Review, a relatively new undertaking by Anne and Jeff VenderMeer, so we were very pleased to see Shiny Thing make an appearance there. And Maureen’s review sums up everything about why this book is unlike any other.

Here is a small part of what Maureen had to say (read the full review at

Russo’s is a world full of small, mysterious changes. People become wet, or slippery (‘Turning, Or Turning’), or else begin to sparkle (‘Hiding’) or most perturbingly, they granulate and shed limbs (‘Lusard Street’). Alternatively, they might be surviving the aftermath of … well, no one is quite sure what any more. Whether the one arises from the other is never made clear. Some things have slipped out of the memory and anyway, survival is what matters rather than dwelling on the past. The past is for stories, the present is for action, though action is perhaps too strong a word for people simply getting on with things, dealing with odd events as they arise, making accommodations. And making accommodations is key to how Russo’s post-world functions, that and its habit of being unobtrusive.